About the universe

Trojana is an investigation-creation designed by artists & activists Andrés Montes Zuluaga and Maud Madlyn in order to expose how deeply sexual and gender violence are ingrained in our societies.

Their starting point: become webcam sex workers. They wanted cold, hard proof of the inherent misogyny and violence that we’ve come to collectively tolerate and minimize and where better to start than by interacting with webcam clients who 1/ feel anonymous and 2/ are demanding seeing as they’re paying for our time and attention.

With that in mind, Maud & Andrés go undercover as webcam sex workers from Cali, Colombia, the second world-leading cybersex epicentre, speak with people from the industry as well as with experts in psychoanalysis, gender violence and activism and investigate artistic, philosophical, academic and statistical sources.

The result is a complex overview of the very foundations we’ve built our societies on: sexual violence, gender violence, sex work, neo-liberal capitalism, colonisation, philosophy, activism, performance…it’s all there!

Trojana is a vast universe made up of constellations, each one offering a unique approach to the investigation: head to Pornotopia for cinema, to Trojana for live art & theatre and to Webcamming Chronicles for an interactive digital experience. With more on the way!