Maud Madlyn

Founder and director of Defiant Reality - Arts

for change

French-born performing artist. Inspired by Krishnamurti’s saying that ‘it is no matter of health to be well-adjusted to a sick society’, she is particularly driven by ‘unlearning’ processes whether they’re artistic, cultural, political or social. Currently dedicated to addressing gender issues and exploring the notion of borders, she’s developed her work as a performer, dramaturg, director, cultural administrator & entrepreneur as well as a workshop-leader for audiences in socially vulnerable conditions in England, India, México, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

Andrés Montes Zuluaga

Founder and director of lacra- laboratorio de

creación en artes

Colombian indisciplinary artist that specializes in live art and performance. They transit between action art, installation, video art, choreographic interrogations, photography, theatre and expanded cinema. They are interested in processes that question hegemonic ideologies, approaching notions like the body, work, velocity, contemplation, abuse of power, misogyny, genocide, and memory.

Masters in Theatre and Live arts from the National University of Colombia and winner of local, regional and national grants on several occasions. Their work has been presented in theatres, exhibition spaces and museums in Ecuador, Perú, Colombia and México.