What is Fat freezing or Cryolipolysis?

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The Science Explained

Fat Freezing is the cooling of fat cells to induce fat cell death. The treatment is non-invasive, which means no needles, no bleeding, and no anaesthesia. It is a very safe and effective way to permanently remove fat cells permanently. These cells never return or regrow in this area.

Clinical trials* of the cryolipolysis treatment in 2009 showed an average fat loss of 26%* in the treated area. Since then, with the advancement of technology, including the introduction of a 360° cooling handle (which we use in all of our clinics) and post treatment massage, our clients are experiencing a greater reduction. This is estimated to be 30–40% fat loss on average.

(*1 Clinical efficacy of noninvasive cryolipolysis and its effects on peripheral nerves. Sydney R Coleman 1, Kulveen Sachdeva, Barbara M Egbert, Jessica Preciado, John Allison Aesthetic Plast Surg 2009 July)

How does fat freezing work?

When fat cells are exposed to cold temperatures the cells die. This is known as apoptosis. Over time these cells are eliminated from the body naturally via the normal metabolism process.

The treatment consists of a specific sized handle which is applied to the chosen area of tissue. The targeted tissue is then sucked into the handle and cold therapy is applied. Traditional cryolipolysis machines have two cooling plates (called peltiers) on the inside of the handle, which when applied, cool the tissue underneath.

At out clinics we have the option of 2 systems, therefore offering you the best sized applicator for the area you want treated. Our 360° applicators cool the entire surface of the applicator head which therefore cools greater amounts of tissue providing  a larger area of cells cooled and a smoother result. This provides a better result than the more traditional double peltier (plate) applicators.

Our clinicians will assess your body and will choose the correct handle for your fat freezing session.

How many fat freezing treatments will I need?

To treat love handles or muffin tops, for example, you will need 2 applicators (one on each side) to provide an even body sculpting result. For the abdomen, you may need 1, 2, or 4 applicators depending on the size and shape of your belly fat and the results you desire.

Depending on the amount of fat, a repeat cycle can be applied to any area 30 days after the initial treatment, should you want a further reduction of fat in that area.

We are able to freeze fat on the inner thighs, outer thighs (saddlebags), bra area (bra bulge), flanks, waist, hips, upper and lower abdomen, under arms, and back of thighs.

With cryolipolysis we sculpt and contour your body.

Please contact us for a free assessment. We can then discuss your desired outcomes, results, treatment options, and the costs. We will personalise a treatment program for you.

Will I gain weight after fat freezing treatment?

As fat freezing only reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area, you can always gain weight after treatment. Human beings have a layer of fat under our skin, and throughout our cavities and organs throughout our entire body, so if you are to consume more energy than your body burns, your body needs to store this extra energy somewhere. Therefore, it will convert the extra energy into fat and insert it into all of the remaining fat cells, across your whole body. However, because fat freezing has reduced the number of fat cells in the area treated, this area won't expand as much as it did before treatment because there are fewer cells there to fill up. So you will have a permanent change in your shape and a reduction in the area treated. However, the remaining fat cells can get bigger.

Is fat freezing safe

Is fat freezing safe?

Yes. Because it is non-invasive there is less risk than liposuction and there is no risk of burns like laser lipolysis. The technology has been approved for the reduction of fat since 2009 in Europe and by the FDA in America since 2010.

Most patients experience slight tugging and discomfort at the site (as the tissue is drawn in). Once the tissue is cold there is normally no pain. After treatment the area may feel sensitive or sore (like it has been bruised) but this usually resolves within 1-3 days.

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Does fat freezing have side effects?

Fat freezing, like all treatments, has some negative risks and side effects. There are also some health and medical conditions that are contraindicated for the treatment. Also, because fat freezing is permanent, the shape that is achieved after your treatment is with you forever. Therefore, it is important that you see qualified clinicians and TGA-approved devices because it is your body and it is permanent. At Beautiful Body Clinics, we have highly focused and trained staff with nursing degrees, diplomas, or other health qualifications to ensure that your treatment goes smoothly. Any adverse events and side effects during treatment are dealt with most appropriately and the best treatment outcomes are achieved.

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How much does fat freezing cost?

The cost of fat freezing depends on multiple factors. Your starting size, (including your height, and weight) the amount of subcutaneous fat in the area and your desired results present so many variables, that it is difficult to provide a standard cost per person assumption. If you place your hand with fingers relaxed on the area you want to be treated this is generally considered an area. Now if this area has a lot of subcutaneous tissue then it could safely be treated 2 or 3 times or more, however the number of treatments will depend on assessing the area adjacent to this and your response to treatment to ensure that the treatment reduces the area to look suitable to the adjacent tissue (rather than smaller). Our treatment plans are conservative to avoid over treating an area and our staff are allowed to recommend treatments if it is not going to provide the best outcomes for the client.

Further information on the cost of fat freezing is on our cost page. Financial assistance may also be available. Speak to our staff to explore your options.

Our fat freezing services also offer you access to our Behavioural Change Program, which focuses on emotional eating, increasing your exercise and being accountable on a daily basis. This assists and encourages overall weight loss and healthier eating and exercise patterns. (Plus participants in our program can win free fat freezing treatments!)

We also offer special discounts and promotions from time to time. To stay informed of our offers, subscribe to our newsletter.

Is fat freezing suitable for me?

Generally when it comes to fat freezing - if we can pinch it we can treat it. Fat freezing works on the subcutaneous fat layer which covers our whole body, just underneath the skin (sub = under, cutaneous = skin).

Most of us would benefit from fitting a little easier into our clothes. As we age our weight generally increases so a reduction in the thickness of the fat layer in any area of the body is appreciated will make our clothes fit better again. Sometimes there may be just a small pocket of fat cells that become all consuming and no amount of diet or exercise will get rid of it. We all know that spot exercises don’t work to reduce fat (whilst they can increase muscle in the area) and reduction in fat from excessive exercise happens across every single cell in the body and any fat loss in the small annoying pocket is not visible. Click here to phone us to book a free consultation.

If you have a smaller body fat freezing is still suitable as it works in the local area. Fat freezing does not require you to lose weight, go on a diet or increase your exercise - which are not successful strategies for a spot reduction of fat cells. For many small clients - these annoying pockets are generally a genetic cause “my mum has got the same arms” or “my hips are just like my Dad’s”.

For medium to larger bodies - fat freezing is a great option for localised fat reduction, and a nice safer, less expensive and less invasive option to liposuction or alternative fat reduction technologies. The slower treatment plan allows for a slower payment plan which makes fat freezing more easily affordable. We can treat your abdomen this month and then in a few weeks or months time you can return for the next area.

For much larger clients -fat freezing is still a suitable treatment as sometimes just a chin fat freezing treatment is enough to make you feel good in your photos or perhaps it is your inner thighs to reduce the summer chafing. Quite often our larger clients have considered gastric sleeves and abdominoplasties but the invasiveness of these procedures is too large, plus the recovery time, the cost and the ongoing physical impact (you can't ever eat a full meal again) is too much. So fat freezing has been chosen. Our Behavioural Change Program will also help you with getting your diet and exercise on track and quite often the fat freezing kick starts a new positive health and wellness direction in life.

On occasions for very large clients, we will not recommend fat freezing as surgery may be a more financially sensible option. A consultation in our clinic will determine how many treatments you will most likely need to obtain the result you are looking for. We will go through our before and after photos of other clients with you to get an idea of what results you would like at the end of the treatment and therefore how many treatments you will need. This is a personalised plan where we really consider your desired results. However, it is important to remember that the larger you are the more fat freezing treatments you will likely need to obtain the same results as a smaller person. You can book your free consultation here.

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BMI Calculator

Feel free to use the BMI calculator below to ascertain your BMI. (Body Mass Index) Your BMI is a measurement of your body fat/weight/height ratio. It gives a general indication of the amount of fat that you carry on your body.
Although fat freezing isn’t dependent on your BMI, it will assist us in discussing your treatment options and the approximate cost during your free consultation.

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