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Fat Freezing (CoolSculpting®️) for Men

When it comes to negative body image stereotypes, men are definitely not immune. From "dad bod" jokes to "man boobs" and "moobs" men face their own challenges when trying to improve their appearance. While living a healthy life is still important, sometimes we still end up with stubborn fat deposits despite our best efforts. CoolSculpting®️ or fat freezing is the gold standard non-invasive way to get rid of fat without surgery.

Fat freezing (also known as Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting®️) is just as effective on men as it is on women. The process of fat freezing is the application of  cooling temperatures via an applicator or pad onto the skin and underlying subcutaneous fat layer being exposed to the minus- 9* C temperatures. After this extended exposure the subcutaneous fat cells die and the damaged fat cells are recognised by the body’s natural immune and repair system where by the cells are swept up into the lymphatic system, processed in the liver and then expelled from the body (via the toilet). 

Although there is a common body composition fat difference between men and women and despite men tending to have a higher visceral fat amount than women, men still have enough subcutaneous fat layers and areas that are perfect for fat freezing or CoolSculpting®️ treatment.

How Does Fat Freezing Work for Men?

Fat freezing works by exposing areas of excess fat to extremely low temperatures, causing the fat cells to freeze and die. The body then naturally eliminates these dead fat cells, leading to a reduction in the size of the treated area. The procedure is performed using a specially designed device that delivers controlled cooling to the target area. Most fat freezing sessions last between 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the thickness of the subcutaneous fat in the treatment area.

Benefits of Fat Freezing for Men

  • Non-invasive: Unlike liposuction and other surgical procedures, fat freezing is completely non-invasive and does not require any incisions or downtime. This makes it a convenient option for busy men who want to look and feel their best.

  • Safe and Effective: Fat freezing has been extensively tested and is considered a safe and effective way to remove unwanted fat. The procedure has been used for over a decade and has helped countless men achieve their desired body shape.

  • Customizable: Fat freezing can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual man. The procedure can be performed on a variety of areas, including the abdomen, love handles, back, and chest.

  • Permanent Results: The results of fat freezing are permanent as the body cannot produce new fat cells to replace the ones that have been eliminated. With proper diet and exercise, the results of the procedure will be visible forever.

Side Effects of Fat Freezing

Fat freezing is a safe and well-tolerated procedure, with very few side effects. Some men may experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising in the treated area, but these symptoms typically resolve on their own within a few days. In rare cases, some men may experience numbness or tingling in the treated area, but this is also temporary and will resolve over time.

Like all cosmetic and medical treatments there are some serious side effects, however these are not dangerous to your health. A personalised consultation whereby your subcutaneous tissue is assessed, your past medical history including surgery are considered to ensure you are suitable for treatment and your risk profile will be discussed.

The Main Areas for Fat Freezing Treatment in Men:

Abdomen Fat Freezing in Men

The amount of visceral fat can often be confused with subcutaneous fat in men. High visceral fat tends to create the body shape described as an apple (with the tight pot like belly). It is important to accurately identify the type of fat in the abdominal area as the amount of visceral and subcutaneous fat can affect the success of the fat freezing procedure.

The assessment in our fat freezing Melbourne clinic or via video can ascertain the amount of subcutaneous fat cells in the abdominal area and therefore your suitability for treatment. 

The client in this image is a 70 year old man. With no age limits, fat freezing was a safe and easy treatment for him to obtain his desired shape.

Hips, Waist and Flank Fat Freezing in Men

Like women, the accumulation of fat in these areas is not uncommon and perfectly suited for fat freezing. The number of handles or applicators will depend on the size of this area. Generally by placing your hand on the area is a good indication as the number of handles required. 

Generally by placing your hand on the area, the area covered is a good indication of the amount of tissue that will be drawn into the fat freezing handle and subsequently the area that will be treated.

On this progress image - we can see the reduction of the fat cells on this gentlemans hips at just 7 weeks. It is important to realise that he will continue to lose fat cells that have been damaged over the course of the next 5 weeks. (The clinical evidence indicates that it takes 12 weeks to see maximum fat loss).

Chest - Man Boobs Fat Freezing 

Also known as pseudo-gynecomastia  is an excess of fat cells in the breast/chest area. Often called Man Boobs - fat freezing is a perfect treatment for this tissue and area to provide a more desired shape. Depending on the amount of fat (or depth of the subcutaneous fat cells), a single treatment may be required or a repeat treatment, which can be conducted at a minimum of 30 days.

Double Chin Fat Freezing 

Double chins are perfect for fat freezing. Depending on the size of the jaw, the amount of fat present and the desired outcomes - a double chin treatment will generally include a single or double handle treatment. Generally a minimum of 2 handles (one each size with a small cross over in the center is required to avoid emphasizing or creating  jowls.  In this image here - we applied 3 handles to obtain the desired outcome for this

Inner Thigh Fat Freezing

The accumulation of fat cells in the inner thigh area can create chaffing which can impact exercise and just general discomfort  and for some a  less than desirable shape. Fat freezing on this area is a common treatment for men,.

Outer Thigh Fat Freezing  

Whilst men are less likely to suffer from what is often called ‘saddle bags’ fat freezing treatment on outer thighs is often performed to create an smoothed less curvaceous shape.   

fat freezing 360 cooling handles

Are All Fat Freezing Machines the Same?

Throughout the years the technology for fat freezing has improved. Each machine has different sized handles or applicators and different shapes. Whilst some are better than others it is always important to ensure that the fat freezing machine that is used is TGA approved.

The most current machines have a patented 360* handle which provides a larger surface for cold application and hence a higher density of frozen fat, giving better results than initial clinical trials. The more expensive TGA approved machines have temperature feedback mechanisms ensuring your skin safety (so that you do not burn) whilst the cheap beauty machines do not have this safety feature.

“I have been struggling with my weight, especially my belly and my man boobs for many years. I was embarrassed to take my top off at the beach or pool. Now that I have had fat freezing, I’m confident in myself. I just wish I had known about it and done it earlier.”

— JCM 44yo

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