Performance artists Maud Madlyn and Andrés Montes Zuluaga, a Colombo-French couple, infiltrate a clandestine webcam studio as digital sex workers. Working from Cali, Colombia, second global cybersex epicenter, their objective is to document the violent fantasies expressed and demanded by sex clients and link them to official statistics on sexual and gender violence.

Pornotopia is a political action documentary that questions misogynistic repertoires, the patriarchy, neoliberal capitalism and heteronormativity, offering the audience material for a debate on sexual and gender violence that can no longer be postponed.

Release date: November 2021

Technical rider

Genre: documentary film

Running time: 70 minutes

Languages: in Spanish with subtitled versions in English & French

Age restriction: +15

Creative team

Original idea: Andrés Montes Zuluaga

Directors, creators, investigators & performers: Maud Madlyn & Andrés Montes Zuluaga

Production: Corporación 1 ½ (Col), LACRA – Laboratorio de creación en artes (Col) & Defiant Reality – Arts for Change (Fr)

Original music: moderner Nackten (Col), Gideon K (UK), Stephanie Cáceres (Col), Andrés Montes Zuluaga (Col)