Colombia is a country where, every day, 28 young girls and 60 women are raped, 102 women are victims of domestic violence and more than 1 woman is murdered. It’s also a country where Maud Madlyn and Andrés Montes Zuluaga, convinced that ‘in order to detain this violence, it is necessary to understand it to its core and make its entrails visible’, start investigating the sexual violence that circulates under the cover of internet anonymity.

Taking the form of a live art documentary and webcam show that unfold right before your eyes from the theatre stage, Trojana is a one-of-a-kind performance experience.

Upcoming performances:

23rd November 2020 – International Theatre Festival – Casa de los Títeres – Cali, Colombia.                                

2021 – Consent/Taboo season – The Cockpit – London, UK

Previous performances:

PREMIERE November 2019 – Teatro La Máscara – Cali, Colombia.                                            

January 2020 – Casa Encantada – Pachuca, México

Technical rider

Genre: stage show.                            

Running time: 90 minutes.                     

Languages: Spanish.                   

 Age restriction: 18+

Creative team

Original idea: Andrés Montes Zuluaga (Col)

Creators, investigators & performers: Maud Madlyn (Fr) & Andrés Montes Zuluaga (Col)

Production: LACRA – Laboratorio de creación en artes (Col) & Defiant Reality – Arts for Change (Fr)         

Original music: moderner Nackten (Col), Gideon K (UK), Stephanie Franco (Col), Andrés Montes Zuluaga (Col)

Costume: Mercedes Zuluaga (Col), Gladis Gomez (Col)                                                                  

Graphic design: Angelica Gardeazabal Collazos (Col).  

Photography: Leonardo Linares (Col), Edwin Gómez Cerón (Col).                                  

 Sponsors: Liquid Nymph (USA), RíoStudio (Col)