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Is Cryolipolysis Right for Me?

As cryolipolysis freezes the fat cells on the treated area, the treatment is suitable for almost everyone, provided we are able to gain a suitable amount of tissue into the applicator head. The size and location of fat pockets are different on every individual therefore we are happy to conduct a free assessment for suitability. We also appreciate that we all have our own idea of how we want to look. We do not judge as we have all been there.

What one person believes is fantastic and what feels great may not be right for another. We appreciate that low weight and underweight people can have pockets of fat that they can’t get rid of despite diet and exercise, however we do take a very responsible attitude when recommending treatment for underweight clients. Ideally, our clients will have a BMI of between 18 to 30.

For clients with a BMI higher than 30, the treatment will still work but the results will not be as visible. Certain medical conditions and medications (particularly blood thinners) need to be considered/ paused before cryolipolysis treatment. This will be discussed over the during your pre-treament assessment.

To help you understand your suitability to fat freezing we have created a free 5 minute quiz for you.

We will assess your body type, weight, current habits, and your mindset and motivation. At the end of the quiz you will get a score to help you understand your suitability. Please watch the video and you can take the quiz here.

  • So, the answer to the question “Does fat freezing really work?” is yes, fat freezing works, but with the caveat that it only works on subcutaneous fat. Simply fat on our body is either in the subcutaneous layer (under the skin) or around our organs - known as visceral fat. Our body stores extra energy in both of these areas, by depositing the extra energy and making the fat cells bigger. Fat freezing works only on the subcutaneous fat cells. The skin and subcutaneous fat underneath the skin is pulled into the treatment handle and it is these cells that are damaged through the process, resulting in fewer fat cells in that area. It’s a targeted fat loss treatment that only works on subcutaneous fat.

    Let’s look at the research.

    A 2009 study on the clinical efficacy of noninvasive cryo-lipolysis published in the National Library of Medicine reported findings that cryo-lipolysis effectively reduced the treated fat layer by 20.4% at two months and 25.5% at six months after treatment. With the improvement in technology (ie the 360* cooling handles that we use in our clinic) more fat cells will be damaged and hence a higher reduction in the fat layer.

  • As the cooling begins during the first few minutes, you typically feel intense cold. This should soon subside as the treated area numbs. With some applicators, you’ll feel some pulling as suction is applied. 


    The common side effects of fat freezing are a pinching sensation, tenderness, minor swelling, redness, firmness, stinging, and tingling of the upper layer of the skin. Most clients experience these side effects for up to one to two weeks. After the procedure, you might experience pain along with itching and swelling. Most of these common side effect have dissapeared by 2 weeks.

  • While everyone is different, you can expect to see visible results within 3 to 12 weeks. Your body will continue to remove the destroyed fat cells for up to 3 months after treatment. The Results page shows some of the fantastic results of our clients several weeks after your treatment.

  • Yes. Fat freezing is a permanent fat reduction solution, The area that we treat will have a reduced number of fat cells. Fat freezing however is not a weight loss program. Fat freezing will not prevent you from gaining weight if you consume more energy (calories) than you burn. If you do gain weight, as you have less fat cells in that area, you will not expand in the treated area like you did before treatment.

  • Yes you can. You may find that treatments on your lower abdomen may be a little bit more uncomfortable but it is safe to conduct during this time.

  • One session is usually enough for smaller areas, but if you want to treat a larger area or have more fat to address, two or three treatments may be necessary. In general, most people achieve their desired results after two sessions. However, this is why we recommend having a consult so we can personally advise you on the best treatment plan for your body and the results you want to achieve. The consultation is free and can be conducted via a video call if your time and availability are stretched.

  • Post-Treatment Care

    It is usual for the area to feel tender immediately after the procedure.

    The treated area will feel cold after the procedure.

    Temporary bruising and numbness in the treated area can also occur (although this is rare)

    Avoid hot baths, steam rooms and massage for 24 hours after the treatment.

    After your treatment, we will go through our recommended clothing, diet, and exercise tips to help keep you comfortable.

  • Fat freezing is ideal for overweight, underweight, obese and average-weight candidates because it targets the fat cells in the particular area. Take Our Quiz and see if you are a good fit for the treatment today.

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How many handles will I need?

Everybody is different and everyone has different desires so until we are able to physically assess you to understand your desired outcomes we cannot tell you the exact price of treatment. Review our Success stories page to see some of our customers results where you can calculate the cryolipolysis cost based on their images and treatments.

Better still head over to our IG and FB pages where you can see our most recent before and after photos and most recent treatment images.

Can I have repeat treatments on the same area?

Yes – after 30 days we can treat the same area again, this will give you further fat reduction/fat loss on the same area. New areas can be treated on the same day as the initial area or as soon as you are comfortable to have further treatment.

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